Abraham Cobbinah

Mr. Abraham Cobbinah

Managing Director

A seasoned Broadcast Journalist with many years of experience in Broadcasting spanning close to 20 years! He has worked with most of the major broadcasting companies in Ghana.

He has a higher level of understanding and experience in the field coupled with his keen interest in tourism and the hospitality industry. KOOL HD has become a reality as he tirelessly worked against all odds to achieve success for what is to become the world’s biggest projects towards excellence in tourism development!!

Email: cobbinah.a@kooltvhd.com

Susana Akrofi

Ms. Susana Akrofi

Business Development Manager

An energetic and dedicated educationist, with excellent inter-personal relationship skills. She comes on-boardwith just the kind of qualities that endears the KOOL HD brand, home and abroad to many!

She leads and manages the Business Development Unit in a fashion that seeks to go higher heights in achieving excellence!!!

Email: akrofi.s@kooltvhd.com

Christian Adusu-Donkor

Mr. Christian Adusu-Donkor

Head, IT/Productions

Having worked with the ECOWAS Commission in Abuja and the Rivers State Government for close to eight(8) years, Chris has been responsible for designing and producing events that have gone a long way to promote both the ECOWAS and Rivers State's Youth Agenda as well as to promote Cultural Tourism within the ECOWAS Sub-region.

Chris also has over 15yrs expereince in E-Business Consulting services. He joins the Kool HD Team as the Head of IT and Productions.

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